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Parenting and relationships don’t come with instructions.  Couples often tell me:

  • “We constantly argue and have no resolution.  Give us some communication tools.”
  • “We’ve lost our connection.”
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Individuals seek therapy when their emotions stop them from enjoying life:

  • “I am anxious and afraid I’ll fail”
  • “I am depressed and feel stuck”

These are fixable problems.

For over 25 years, I have helped struggling individuals and couples identify what stands in the way of them giving and receiving the love they want and the life success they desire.  I offer:

  • A practical, direct therapy style, and an excellent sense of humor.
  • I don’t just listen.  You get honest, realistic feedback that can be immediately put to use.

If you are exhausted from trying, or the one most hurt, it’s natural to want others to change.  Yet, focusing on what is within your control yields the greatest life improvements.  And if your partner has a similar willingness to improve, you have the best chance of a positive outcome.

How do I help people achieve the changes they want?  Together, any or all of these approaches can be effective:

  • Focus on the present, making small, incremental changes that move you forward.
  • Examine your thinking patterns.  Negative thinking creates bad feelings which in turn determine how we behave.  Giving you better thinking tools leads to positive change.
  • Sometimes attending to the underlying emotions around your interactions opens up hearts and communication.

However we get there, you will have a toolkit that moves you through conflict successfully and increases the intimacy you desire.


  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling
  • Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Anger, Trauma
  • Weight Management
  • Adult ADHD and Parenting Issues

Appointments by email are responded to more quickly.  Generally, phone calls are returned within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

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Appointments by email are responded to more quickly. Generally, phone calls are returned within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

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