They say it takes a village to raise a child. That may be the case, but it takes a lot of solid, stable marriages to create a village.

- Diane Sollee,

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Austin Premarital CounselorJudith Sloan-Price, LCSW, provides premarital counseling through the Prepare/Enrich program. You will learn great things about each other you probably never thought to ask and gain insight that prepares you for marriage.  For those finishing the course, you will receive a certificate for $60 off the cost of your marriage license.

Through Prepare/Enrich, couples utilize a customized, online couple assessment tool. The assessment identifies your strengths and growth areas as a couple. During premarital couples counseling, we use the assessment as a launching point to explore and build upon the foundation of your relationship.

Before marriage, you will be prepared to address potential problems using effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Premarital Counseling  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following FAQ about Premarital Counseling will help you learn more about the counseling experience. If you don’t see your question, please use the contact form (to the right) to get an answer FAST!

I’m in LOVE! Why would I need premarital counseling?

Most engaged couples cannot imagine why they might benefit from premarital counseling. Afterall, when you are “under the influence of love blindness” it’s hard to see the inevitable challenges that every couple experiences. Premarital counseling is a proactive way to create and support your rock solid foundation before you take one of the biggest steps in your adult life. Counseling before marriage can also address potential issues before they become problems.

Research shows couples who can communicate freely and honestly are more likely to remain together. Also, much of our discussion focuses on the strengths you have as a couple. By doing so, you will know exactly what behaviors you need to continue doing to secure the success of your relationship throughout all the milestones of your life together.

What’s unique about Judith Sloan-Price and Prepare/Enrich?

Judith Sloan-Price has been a licensed Austin marriage counselor for over 25 years. Currently, 65% of her practice is is dedicated to couples counseling.

Since 1980, Prepare/Enrich has served over 3 million couples and is one of the premier programs used for premarital education and counseling. Judith especially values the ability to re-test after a year of marriage or before embarking on significant changes in life, for example, having a first child, empty nest, or retirement. Each phase of life yields new challenges to a couple.

What topics do we focus on in premarital couples counseling?

    • Communication/Conflict Resolution: How effective are we at dealing with conflict? Do our communication styles encourage discussion of sensitive issues or result in avoiding conflict so problems do not get solved? Do we each feel free to say what we want and need in the relationship?
    • Are our expectations about our marital roles realistic? Are they compatible? Do we hold similar enough beliefs about who does what with regard to making money, household and parenting responsibilities?
    • Social life – does one partner prefer to stay home but the other needs lots of friends and outside activities? How do we meet both these needs?
    • What are our beliefs about managing money? How was money handled in our family growing up? Is one a “saver” and one a “spender”? Does one person insist on a budget and the other person feels too constricted by it? How do we move forward if one partner values something the other doesn’t, for example, spending money on vacations?
    • Will we be a successful parenting “team” with compatible parenting styles? Much of what we know about parenting comes from what we experienced as children. Will one person be strict and the other too permissive? Will we balance each other out or will this be a source of conflict?
    • Do we share similar expectations about the importance of sex in a relationship, such as quality and frequency? Is one person spontaneous and uninhibited and the other less so? How will we bridge that gap?
    • Identify and manage major stressors: How effective are we individually at coping with stress? As a couple, do our individual coping strategies pull us together or push us apart? For example, does one person want solitude while the other wants to talk?
    • Family of origin issues: What did we learn from our families about being a couple? How will this affect the way we interact as a couple? What rituals and values do we want to adopt in our new family and what do we want to be different?
  • Spirituality: How similar or different are our spiritual beliefs? What do we want for our children?

How long does the questionnaire take to complete?

A little over one hour.

How many sessions are included?

Most couples attend between 4-8 sessions.

How long is a session and what does a session cost?

    • Initial Session = 60 minutes $165 Counseling + $60 Online Assessment & Results Evaluation
    • Follow-Up Sessions = 60 minutes  Counseling $145
  • Is this program only for engaged couples?

No, this program is beneficial to couples at any stage of life.

What are the advantages of meeting with a therapist versus our wedding officiant?

As a licensed therapist for over 25 years, Judith Sloan-Price has experience and training that helps her address potential problems others may not see. Also, clergy conducting premarital counseling refer couples with more in-depth problems to therapists. If this situation applies to you, working with Judith Sloan-Price allows you to start and finish your counseling with the same person instead of starting over with someone new.

Does the program have a religious context?

No, the program itself does not have a religious context. However, the assessment does ask questions about the couples’ religious or spiritual needs as part of assessing compatibility and ensuring each person’s needs are met.

What kinds of questions does the questionnaire ask?

Questions are multiple choice and determine the degree to which you agree or disagree with your partner.

Example Question: “We usually agree on how to spend money.”

Answer Choices: Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Unsure, Somewhat Disagree, Strongly Disagree.
Together, we note the strength areas, usually where there is more agreement.

Where there is a lot of disagreement, we will discuss each person’s views and concerns in a safe, relaxed atmosphere, which often includes interesting and fun skill-building exercises. Click here for a sample report.

We have a lot of issues, but want to get married anyway. Will this program discourage us from getting married?

Neither Judith Sloan-Price nor the Prepare/Enrich program makes recommendations for or against marriage.

What is the best thing I will take away from this program?

You will be prepared to address potential problems using effective communication and conflict resolution skills. You will know more about your partner than ever before.

Can I add more sessions to the program?


How do I schedule an appointment?

Email Judith Sloan-Price at or call (512) 922-2256

Judith L. Sloan-Price, LCSW, Austin marriage counselor and psychotherapist.
February 23, 2011, Austin, TX.

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