They say it takes a village to raise a child. That may be the case, but it takes a lot of solid, stable marriages to create a village.

- Diane Sollee,

Money in Marriage/Relationships

Stories of Conflict and Resolution Over Money in a Relationship

Good money advice is as priceless as it is timeless. The same can be said of good relationship advice, and for most couples, good money management and a solid marriage go hand in hand. Read three stories of couples resolving conflict over money. One couple struggles to prioritize vacations, another couple fights to rein in a spouse’s spending habits, and another couple argues over providing for a family member.
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I Need a Vacation…Or a Divorce

At first, life was a storybook for Diane and Adam Hansen; with two incomes and few responsibilities, the couple took trips to exotic locations, dined at romantic restaurants, and put on a lavish wedding ceremony. Now, ten years later, they have three great kids and a lovely home, but tension fills Diane and Adam’s lives and even the smallest discussion turns into an argument.

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Hole in Our Wallet

As with many families, all is not perfect with the Abbotts. Each month, when the credit card bill arrives, Jessica hides and Chris is distressed. Jessica loves to buy things for Lily and she cannot pass a store without making a purchase, including books, toys, and especially clothing. Chris believes most of these purchases are frivolous. The problem has escalated to the point where Chris checks their credit card activity regularly online and the couple fights about expenditures on an almost daily basis. Both parents want a second child, but these happy discussions usually end in arguments about the potential for Jessica to increase her excessive spending.

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What We Give

With the recent downturn in the real estate market, Michelle is concerned about her own income and believes they should worry less about James’ parents. “James and I are both devoted to our parents,” Michelle says. “But James feels guilty if his parents don’t have the same things my parents can afford. Last year, when my parents treated our family to a Disney trip, James insisted we pay to bring his parents, too. I admire his loyalty, but his brothers don’t contribute anything and we have other obligations such as our retirement and saving for college. I’m worried we’ll end up in the same boat as his parents, but James tells me not to be concerned.”

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